Friday, 27 August 2010

The Fondant

A rich chocolate dessert with a warm melted centre.

The Fondant is available in the following gooey centered flavours!
- The Classic: The original chocolate fondant, soft, warm and melts in your mouth (as pictured above)
- The Ambassador: A unique twist on The Classic, with a touch of hazelnut in the warm, soft centre.. Ever imagined a Ferrero Roche fondant? Now taste one!
- The After Eight: A chocolate and mint fondant, a fitting dessert after any banquet!
- The Baklava: A chocolate fondant with pistachio in the centre, topped with honey and served with scintillating pistachio ice cream
- The Chocolat L'Orange: The famous combination of chocolate and orange flavours bought together in the form of this unique fondant treat
- The Mirchi: For those who dare, the mouthwatering rich chocolate fondant with a touch of red chili to ensure a fusion of flavours like never before

* For any 'Fondant' trade enquiries please contact us directly

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